Top 10 Items to Keep Baby Safe at Home-⑦

Window and Balcony Safety

Children fall out of windows and off balconies. An important aspect of child home safety is to ensure that this cannot happen. The usual way is to prevent access by locking doors leading to balconies, and making sure that windows cannot be opened sufficiently for kids to get through them.

There are many different types of window locks available that enable the window to be opened sufficiently for ventilation, but not enough for a child to get through. Young children have not yet learned the concept of fear and they rely on you to keep them safe. You can do this by keeping your balcony railings at over 1 meter high – preferable up to 1.3 metres (4.5 ft) and restricting access.

Even if you have taken every possible step to prevent access to your windows and balconies, some kids will find a way. You can do your best to reduce injury if they do fall by planting bushes beneath windows and balconies to break the fall, or provide some other form of soft landing. It might not be effective, but you will at least know you did your best.


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