Top 10 Items to Keep Baby Safe at Home-①

Keeping one’s baby safe is the top priority of any parent. Yet, even in the most child-friendly homes, a number of everyday hazards e xist that can put a child’s security at risk. Essential elements of a home, such as stairs, appliances, and wall outlets, can present serious dangers to a curious, active baby. Fortunately, baby products manufacturers have responded to this risk with the introduction of products that protect young children from these often-hidden risks. Over the years, these manufacturers have listened to the needs of parents and responded by adding more convenience and safety features. Now, top safety products offer hazard protection as well as ease of use for parents.


①  While baby safety gates have been on the market for years, the Eudemon Baby Safety Door Guard reaches the next level with an easy-open design. The gate swings open at the touch of a button, making the awkward gate step-over manoeuver a thing of the past. Designed of durable steel with options for pressure or hardware mounting, the 75 cm tall gate fits doors of up to 70 cm in width,and also the door guard can be extend with the extension.




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Post time: Nov-17-2017
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