• Top 10 Items to Keep Baby Safe at Home-⑧
    Post time: Dec-08-2017

    Parents should carry out a risk assessment of their home. They should try to identify every possible hazard, and then the risk presented by these hazards: risk is the likelihood of harm. Here are some miscellaneous examples not already mentioned that you might not have thought of; Kids love colo...Read more »

  • Top 10 Items to Keep Baby Safe at Home-⑦
    Post time: Dec-01-2017

    Window and Balcony Safety Children fall out of windows and off balconies. An important aspect of child home safety is to ensure that this cannot happen. The usual way is to prevent access by locking doors leading to balconies, and making sure that windows cannot be opened sufficiently for kids to...Read more »

  • Top 10 Items to Keep Baby Safe at Home-⑥
    Post time: Nov-29-2017

    Bath time can be fun, but it can also be dangerous to an active baby who slips and falls after getting out of the tub. The Eudemon Bath Mat keeps the bathroom floor dry with a soft and absorbent microfibre top layer, helping a child keep his precarious balance. Beneath the top layer, cushioning m...Read more »

  • Top 10 Items to Keep Baby Safe at Home-⑤
    Post time: Nov-27-2017

    Child home safety should be a priority for parents, because the majority of injuries to children taken place at home. Knowing how to keep children safe at home is a benefit for any parents, but more importantly, also for the children. There are so many hazards at home that it is next to impossibl...Read more »

  • Top 10 Items to Keep Baby Safe at Home-④
    Post time: Nov-24-2017

    Little ones love to experiment with placing their fingers in small fissures. Eudemon Plug Socket Covers removes the temptation of wall sockets by easily fitting into the plug openings when the outlet is not in use. As an added convenience, the covers are easy for adults to remove to make the plug...Read more »

  • Top 10 Items to Keep Baby Safe at Home-③
    Post time: Nov-24-2017

    As we know , little baby  can easily catch their fingers in a closing door . The Eudemon Door Stopper prevents this hazard. A half-moon shaped bumper, the stopper attaches to the side of any door and stops it before it can snag little fingers or scare young wounds with a loud slam. Witj Eudemon d...Read more »

  • Top 10 Items to Keep Baby Safe at Home-②
    Post time: Nov-20-2017

    The average stovetop is just at the right height for a toddler to touch. The Eudemon protects against these painful accidents with the Gas Knob Covers. The stove knob covers  attaches to the stove with a secure adhesive developed to keep the baby away from the accidents.The Eudemon gas knob cover...Read more »

  • Top 10 Items to Keep Baby Safe at Home-①
    Post time: Nov-17-2017

    Keeping one’s baby safe is the top priority of any parent. Yet, even in the most child-friendly homes, a number of everyday hazards e xist that can put a child’s security at risk. Essential elements of a home, such as stairs, appliances, and wall outlets, can present serious dangers t...Read more »

  • Welcome to visit us in Hong Kong Baby Products Fair
    Post time: Nov-15-2017

    Dear Customer We hereby sincerely invite you and your company  to visit our booth in   HONG KONG BABY PRODUCTS FAIR  which will be held in  Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centerfrom 8-11 January ,2018,It would be a great pleasure to meet you at the exhibition . HONG KONG BABY PRODUCTS FAIR...Read more »

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